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the duck
Gavin Free and Michael Jones/Play Pals #8- Five Nights At Freddy's

"quick Michael, go check the duck

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Mass Effect Numbers Meme / Three Quotes [1/3] → 
"One big happy ass-kicking family!"

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Creatures by Oukamiyoukai45


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these are beautiful

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"Sayaka didn’t JUST want to heal Kyousuke’s arm, she wanted him to LOVE her for it. Homura didn’t JUST want to redo time, she wanted to SAVE Madoka. Mami didn’t JUST want to be saved, she wanted to have FRIENDS and a FAMILY. Kyoko didn’t JUST want her dad to have his followers back, she wanted her family to be HAPPY.

You see, because they weren’t clear or honest about their wishes, they didn’t get what they truly wanted, and in the end, that is what caused their misery”

this anime is fucked up

this anime fucked me up

This anime fucked me up

this anime fucked me up

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